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Video – How Creatine Works and Makes You Stronger

Understanding just how creatine works in the body can be challenging if you don’t have a chemistry or science background.  We have a full article on how creatine works but I found a good video that does a good job to illustrate how it functions in your body.

Many people still question how effective creatine is but as you can see in this video, it clearly shows the science behind how creative provides your body with extra energy for your workouts.



Creatine Powder or Creatine Capsules?

Creatine CapsCreatine comes in many different types, forms, shapes and sizes. Because there are so many different options when it comes to creatine many users can become confused at the difference between all of the different forms.

Just to review how creatine works – creatine helps transport energy to your cells during intense exercise movements to help you get in that extra rep. That extra boost will help you build extra muscle and hit your fitness goals in the gym.
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Does Creatine Cause you to Gain Weight?

man on scaleCreatine is a supplement that helps you get the most out of the workouts in the gym by giving you the energy you need to get those extra reps in.  It’s one of the most popular supplements among weightlifters because of it’s excellent strength building benefits.  With all of the good that creatine can do for you, why do many people shy away from taking it?

Weight Gain.

You’re in the gym working your ass off to get that beach ready body for the summer – why would you want to take something that will put on weight?  Before you jump to conclusions about creatine, let me explain how it work and why even if you’re trying to get ready for the beach you should be taking it.

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Foods High in Creatine

woman_eatingDiet is one of the most important aspects in your overall fitness so choosing the right foods to eat is crucial.

Foods high in creatine can make a world of difference in your fitness and strength training routine. If you’ve ever heard “It all starts in the kitchen,” this is more than true.

Your bodybuilding and core strengthening actually do start with what you choose for dietary requirements. You should always consider the extra health benefits that some of these sources can provide too.
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