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Creatine Powder or Creatine Capsules?

Creatine CapsCreatine comes in many different types, forms, shapes and sizes. Because there are so many different options when it comes to creatine many users can become confused at the difference between all of the different forms.

Just to review how creatine works – creatine helps transport energy to your cells during intense exercise movements to help you get in that extra rep. That extra boost will help you build extra muscle and hit your fitness goals in the gym.

The two most popular forms of creatine that is sold are capsule form and powder form. Creatine powder is the best selling form of creatine but capsules remain popular among creatine users. Most people aren’t clear as to what the different forms of creatine are as well as what the benefits/downsides of the different types are as well. Let’s take a look at both.

Creatine Powder

The original and most popular form of creatine is powder form. Creatine powder usually gets mixed with a drink pre or post workout to introduce the creatine into your system. Creatine isn’t completely soluble in water so you will still taste a little grit when drinking it down even when it’s mixed well.

What you’ll see sold today is a micronized form of creatine powder. Micronization is a fancy way of saying that the creatine particles are made smaller so they dissolve better in water and is easier absorbed into water.

I like using creatine powder to be mixed with my post workout protein shake. That is another benefit of going the powder route – you can mix it with other supplements for your shakes.

Creatine Capsules

Creatine which comes in capsule form is a relatively new form of taking creatine. Instead of it being in powder form, it’s formed into a capsule or creatine pill that you can take to get the creatine into your system.

Just like any other pill you would take, the capsule will dissolve in your stomach and release the creatine into your system. A nice thing about creatine capsules is that you can pop them easily after your workout without having to take it down with some water or a drink. Capsules are also more easily transported so if you need to take them traveling with you they’re easier to carry around.

Creatine Powder or Creatine Capsules?

This brings us to the question: Which is better, creatine powder or creatine capsules?


There is no conclusive evidence to state whether capsules or powder is more or less effective than another. Both powder and capsules will end up in your body and broken down into phosphocreatine so both should be equally effective.


Creatine Capsules will cost extra

Creatine Capsules will cost extra

The price is where creatine powder will outshine capsules. Creatine capsules are much more expensive than powder because the manufacturers need to create the pills which costs additional time and effort.

You’ll pay anywhere from 5x to 10x more for creatine capsules compared to creatine powder so you’re definitely paying a premium for the capsules.

Generally I find that creatine capsules are easier to take – you just pop the pill and you’re set to go. With powder you have to measure out the 5g, find something good to mix it in before you’re ready to take it.

Overall I would have to go with the creatine powder route simply because of the cost. Creatine capsules are way, way more expensive than the powders which is why I choose the powders.

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