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Why Creatine Cycling Isn’t Necessary

Creatine cyclingIt’s a common question among bodybuilders…”Should I cycle on and off Creatine”?  Have you considered any preliminary research on the differences this might make to your bodybuilding plan?  What about the fact that your body creates approximately 2 grams of creatine a day naturally?

Out of the many supplements that bodybuilders utilize, creatine happens to be one of the more popular supplements next to protein.  While there is the possibility that creatine cycling might give some bodybuilders a slight advantage for developing muscle, the bigger question lies in whether this is really necessary?

Does cycling on creatine two months and off one month really provide a dominant difference?

Is cycling creatine powder necessary?

75% of athletes across the board utilize creatine because it does aid in increasing muscle mass if you remember back to how creatine works.  There is no question of that.  While it is a non-essential supplement, due to the fact it is in abundance with-in most meat and fish, power athletes often cycle it to enhance their overall muscle strength and athletic performance.

The point of the matter is, creatine supplement usage is perfect at 3 to 5 grams a day.  You can benefit from this.  However, if you are loading up to 22 grams a day or higher then you’re body really isn’t getting the beneficial results you believe it to be.  Cycling is the same case.

You really won’t see any more of a difference than you would on 3 to 5 grams a day.  Honestly, you’re muscle cells aren’t going to capture the full effects from high dosages of creatine during cycling phases.  Let’s look at exactly why this is the case.

Does Your Lean Muscle Mass Benefit from Cycling Creatine?

Let’s be totally clear here.  Creatine is a worthwhile supplement, but there are many myths surrounding it.  Somewhere in the middle is the truth.  It is true that creatine cycling can certainly help you with improvements in muscle development, but it isn’t the one factor that can make that big of a difference.

Also, if you have tried cycling before you might have notice a drop in energy levels and endurance following stopping it.  This is a drawback of cycling.  It takes about a month for your own body to begin developing the proper forms of creatine following cycling.

People may think that you will drop the water weight created by creatine but that creatine side effect won’t go away so fast.male_frontquat

The main fact with this supplement is that your body can only utilize a certain amount of it without wasting the rest.  You will lose 45% of the creatine you take in if you are a weight-lifter just chugging it before a workout.  This is expelled through the urine.

However, being sensible with your creatine intake can boost your endurance levels.  So, creatine loading, or even creatine cycling is not something that is mandatory at all.  There is an alternative that might work much better for you when it comes to seeing results in lean muscle from creatine usage.

If you want to take advantage of creatine supplementation then taking in smaller doses each day will eventually build up to that saturation level you’d get from cycling or loading.  Remember, once the muscles are at a saturation level taking in more than the recommended 2 to 3 grams a day is futile.

Research studies have shown remarkable results with this technique as performance during strength training does show advanced results.

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