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Creatine Side Effects

CrossfitOne of the first questions most people ask when talking about supplements after what gains will I get is what are the side effects or dangers?  A very valid question indeed and good that you’re reading this article to make sure you’re fully informed about what you’ll be putting into your body.

Before taking a look into the potential side effects of creatine I want to re-assure you that creatine is one of the most studied nutritional supplements there is today and that it is safe.  It is after all naturally occurring in foods we eat plus our bodies manufacture it from amino acids.   For just about everyone creatine will be completely safe with no side effects (other than positive side effects like more muscle).

Like always, before taking any type of type of supplement or beginning an exercise route it’s always good to get a check up from your doctor.  You just want to make sure you’re all set for the workout you get started.  So what are come of the creatine side effects? Let’s take a look into some of the potential issues.

Creatine Allergies

Some people could develop an allergy to taking creatine – similar to any other types of food allergies that may develop.  Some users reported developing itchy eyes, running nose or even hives after taking creatine.  If after you begin using creatine you develop an allergy stop using it right away and consult a doctor.

Digestive Issues

This may be the most common side effect of creatine – stomach/digestive issues after taking it.  These can include loss of appetite, gas, nausea or diarrhea.  These are definitely not symptoms you want to be dealing with after you’ve just had a hard workout.

Muscle Cramps/damage

Creatine allows us to workout harder and more intense durning our workouts. While we’re working out our bodies are being pushed to the limit, creatine allows us to push even harder.  One potential danger of creatine is muscle overuse which can lead to cramps or damage.  When using creatine be sure to always drink plenty of water, at least a gallon a day for a guy.  Also very important is to listen to your body during workouts – if you start to feel pain (the bad kind) back off so you don’t injure yourself.


Make sure you get the OK from this guy

Water Weight Gain

Here is the one side effect that most people will encounter to some degree – weight gain.  Of course you will gain weight from all of the added muscle but you will also probably gain a few pounds of water weight.  Creatine draws water into your muscle fibers which will give you the appearance of being slightly softer and retaining that water.

When you cycle off of the creatine all of that additional water weight will come off in a couple of weeks leaving all of that new muscle behind.


Peoople Who Shouldn’t Take Creatine

Some pepole with certain conditions should avoid taking creatine.

  • Expecting mothers or mothers breast feeding
  • People with kidney issues or diabetes

If you have a medical condition be sure to consult your doctor first before starting to take creatine.  You want to make sure it’s 100% safe!

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  1. You forgot men’s hairloss.

    1. Thanks for the comment – look for a full article about creatine and mens hair loss in the next few weeks.


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