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Foods High in Creatine

woman_eatingDiet is one of the most important aspects in your overall fitness so choosing the right foods to eat is crucial.

Foods high in creatine can make a world of difference in your fitness and strength training routine. If you’ve ever heard “It all starts in the kitchen,” this is more than true.

Your bodybuilding and core strengthening actually do start with what you choose for dietary requirements. You should always consider the extra health benefits that some of these sources can provide too.

So, should you go with that ‘Big Mac’ or that ‘Alaskan Salmon’? Let’s learn how it all comes together right here. This will certainly save time on the mulling over of what food choices are more beneficial. With this, you can focus more on your workout rather than your pantry!  Let’s take a look at foods that have creatine.

What Foods are High in Creatine?

Since Creatine can break down under high temperatures, let’s consider what sources might be best. Creatine is mostly found within beef, fish, pork, and chicken. Muscle tissue and those organ meat choices is ideal.

However, since fish can be served almost raw, some food experts will clearly point to specific seafood options as the best means for source of Creatine in foods.

Further, since fish is easily digestible (unlike beef) there are a great many who simply prefer it over the other sources. However, research shows that an individual would have to consume at least 500 grams of raw meat of choice everyday for proper Creatine intake.

Since this is almost impossible many utilize a supplement to go hand and hand with their dietary exchange.

Creatine Food Source #1: Herring

Herring, in the seafood area, would be one’s best bet for gaining the most grams of Creatine. Let’s not forget that seafood gives you those wonderful Omega 3’s too, which are extremely heart friendly as well. Herring isn’t too fishy tasting and can be used in Sushi.

In fact, Herring is the lowest in mercury, so it is perfectly safe raw. Herring will provide the body with approximately 6 to 10 grams of Creatine in a normal serving.

Creatine Food Source #2: Tuna

tunaTuna is your next sure bet for enriching Creatine and Amino acid intake. You can gain 4.5 grams of Creatine within a pound of Tuna that is fresh, not canned. Furthermore, you can acquire “methionine” which is an essential amino acid that cleanses the body of toxic heavy metals.

It also improves immune support and joint health, two very critical areas for optimal bodily performance.

Not to mention the healthy Omega 3 Fatty acids – tuna is an excellent food!

Creatine Food Source #3: Chicken

Chicken is the next source on the list here. This is best baked, not fried. Also, sautéing chicken for something like “Teriyaki Chicken” is a good idea as high heat is avoided. Always remember that the highest temperature settings begin to deplete the Creatine from the poultry (but make sure to cook it to 165 degrees).

At any rate, this is easy on the digestive system and happens to be a complete protein source, packed full of all 22 amino acids. The fact that it is extremely low in fat and cholesterol concludes it to be a practical Creatine source as well.

Creatine Food Source #4: Beef

steakThe final one to mention here and the kind of creatine in foods is lean red beef. Now, this isn’t last because it is the least best for you at all. However, it is the hardest digesting and so many have to minimize how much they eat.

Lean beef is low in fact and bad LDL’s as well, so it is considered safe and healthy. Because there are those who can enjoy their beef “rare” (which is almost raw) then the Creatine within is preserved to a great proportion.

These listed food sources are again, some of the most highly preferred simply because the Creatine is maintained within them. If you’re serious about bulking and giving your muscle cells exactly what they need then this is the most natural and effective means for doing so. Healthy eating, hard work-outs, and proper supplementation are the keys to that perfect physique!

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